what is pilates

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what is pilates

Passionate about the results achieved by Pilates, a holistic mind-body exercise system pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, Sheena Plaksy advocates that the relatively misunderstood regimen goes beyond traditional training to strengthen the weak and challenge the strong.

Incorporating self-respect, self empowerment and even a little self indulgence, Pilates is believed to impact on the way one sleeps, sits and moves – ultimately becoming part of one’s lifestyle. 

Providing health from within, Pilates effectively addresses the ills brought about by life’s pressures and the abnormal limits imposed, often by oneself, but it is also used effectively as a rehabilitation medium for those affected by sports injuries or limited mobility. Pilates has proven itself to be an invaluable discipline to sports training in all areas, as well as to physical rehabilitation of all kinds.

In addition to offering pre and post natal classes where mom can work out with her baby, this dedicated studio also offers couple or family sessions.